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Three Days Grace

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Update From Neil
Hey everyone, I thought I'd drop a couple of short lines about what is going on in the world of 3DG. I'm getting extremely excited about the new record that we've been working on. We've worked really hard on this one up here in Toronto since coming off tour last year. Basically the band gets together from noon - 5pm most days and we spend our time writing and jamming in our rehearsal space . We've written this record mostly in the city, since cottage country has about 3 feet of snow everywhere! I cannot complain though, since the four of us are heading to LA tomorrow to do some writing down there and consult with our producer, Howard Benson. . . nothing wrong with California in the dead of winter I suppose. We plan to start recording very shortly, which means the record will be out sooner than later . Once we get going , it generally doesn't take us too long to record everything . . . we try to be as prepared as possible when we hit the studio. If everything goes as planned, we'll be recording this one in Vancouver. I definitely want to head up to Whistler and snowboard while we're out there , but I'll probably wait until my drums are recorded before I venture up the mountain. It's been really cool how many people have communicated to me their anticipation for our third record. I must say that I share that anticipation, and 2009 is going to be an awesome year. . . I can feel it! There's no feeling like it in the world - waiting to release something that you've worked so hard towards. . . and then we get to go out into the world and perform it live to all of you every night ! See you then, Neil Sanderson
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