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Three Days Grace

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Who can blame 22-year-old fan Amanda73182 for swiping the set list from a Three Days Grace concert? Check out the songs the guys have lined up for their shows and head to the comments section to share what tunes you’d like to see them add!

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3DG first-ever concert film is now available in its entirety in the iTunes store.
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Hey everyone, I thought I'd drop a couple of short lines about what is going on in the world of 3DG. I'm getting extremely excited about the new record that we've been working on. We've worked really hard on this one up here in Toronto since coming off tour last year. Basically the band gets together from noon - 5pm most days and we spend our time writing and jamming in our rehearsal space . We've written this record mostly in the city, since cottage country has about 3 feet of snow everywhere! I cannot complain though, since the four of us are heading to LA tomorrow to do some writing down there and consult with our producer, Howard Benson. . . nothing wrong with California in the dead of winter I suppose. We plan to start recording very shortly, which means the record will be out sooner than later . Once we get going , it generally doesn't take us too long to record everything . . . we try to be as prepared as possible when we hit the studio. If everything goes as planned, we'l ... Читать дальше »
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The first-ever DVD and Blu-ray disc from Three Days Grace is available everywhere today.
Thirteen songs and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage live in front of a sold-out Detroit, MI crowd.

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KROQ has announced its 2008 Almost Acoustic Christmas, and Three Days Grace will be appearing! The show will be December 13 at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles. For more information check out KROQ.

Three Days Grace в этом году появиться на Almost Acoustic Christmas. Мероприятие будет проходить 13 декабря в амфитеатре Gibson в LA.

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Neil was able to take some time out this summer to visit the Sabian's headquarters and shoot the breeze about his cymbals and much more with Sabian's Mark Love .
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Hey everyone,

Neil here. I thought I'd drop a quick line and tell you what's up. We got to Amsterdam today and have been cruising around checking it out. It's an awesome sunny day and we're gonna be heading up to the venue to do soundcheck very shortly. We're playing at the Heineken Music Hall tonight here in Amsterdam. Last night was Dortmund, Germany...great show. Thanks to everyone who was there rocking out with us!

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Canadian recording have artists banned together, penning the song "You Have a Choice," in an effort to raise hope and awareness about politician Harper's stance on the climate change and to fight his continued negative effects on the planet! The song will be used to mobilize Canadian voters to let their voices be heard in support of strong, concrete action on climate change
You can listen to "You Have A Choice" and find out more about the movement at AVAAZ

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Приветствую всех новых ползователей))))))если вам не сложно может напишите чтонить на форуме или нажмите на рекламку...пасип всем вам огромное!!!))))))
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